Salmon Creek


🏡 We are opening up cabins for a second season of two-week retreats (October to April) to support our transition into a more formal arts/ecology non-profit. Information to visit us for the 2022-23 season here!
🌲 Free BIPOC artist retreats are offered in Septembers, selected by nominations from the SCF council. We hope to begin an open application process for the 2023 season after our 501c3 non-profit status has become official.

We are in the process of transitioning into a 501c3 non-profit organization which will run a summer land-based arts program, lead by a full-time director (hiring announcement coming in fall 2022), overseen by a board of directors, along with a community council (tba summer 2022).

We received over 175 applications for our June barn-raising skill-sharing work-parties to finally complete our last cabin renovation at Rainbow, so we’ve expanded into July and will be welcoming over 50 folks through for weekly sessions. Stay tuned for some intense imagary of group-power-building and hopefully a finished, furnished, complete, cute cabin by mid-summer!

We’re starting a studio, applying the ethos of Salmon Creek Farm to projects across a wide spectrum of design, land stewardship, and the living arts. We’ll gradually share more about it here.

Our Plant Community: A Salmon Creek Farm Collaborative Field Guide is still available. Order Here
🌱 The SCF Seed Mix is SOLD OUT, sry!

Salmon Creek Studio

Est. 2021

Applying the ethos of Salmon Creek Farm to  projects across a wide spectrum of design, land stewardship, and the living arts.
Contact us with inquiries at studio(at)salmoncreekfarm(dot)org


Our Seed Community:
SCF Seed Mix

A crazy cacophonous seed mix including thirty varieties of greens, grains, flowers, edible cultivars, and native wildflowers collected by hand at SCF.

- Edition of 250 designed by Companion—Platform
- 1oz. packets contain thousands of seeds
- Sales within the US only 

- Free shipping!

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