Salmon Creek

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SCF was established by a group of young people rejecting mainstream culture and looking for something else. This commune, along with a few others in this region at the time, grew out of the student protest culture of the late 60’s by those disenchanted with the society they were inheriting from previous generations. They were resisting the Vietnam war and general mindless consumer conformity, while promoting issues like civil rights, gay liberation and environmental consciousness. They learned how to build their own homes and grow their own food while living communally and practicing consensus decision-making.


With its purchase by artist Fritz Haeg SCF continues this legacy while entering a new chapter as long-term art project shaped by many hands, a sort of queered commune-farm-homestead-sanctuary-school hybrid. In 2022 we formed a 501c3 non-profit organization Salmon Creek Farm Arts to run free land-based programs for artists, with cabin retreat rentals occasionally offered during the other part of the year.


Our Seed Community:
SCF Seed Mix

A crazy cacophonous seed mix including thirty varieties of greens, grains, flowers, edible cultivars, and native wildflowers collected by hand at SCF.

- Edition of 250 designed by Companion—Platform
- 1oz. packets contain thousands of seeds
- Sales within the US only 

- Free shipping!

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