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Hunt for Caretaker-Host

** 11/13/21 UPDATE: After reading over 130 applications and 15 video interviews, it became clear that we needed to split the job in half, as two part-time positions. We have hired a couple as SCF Hosts and are still looking for a part-time SCF Caretaker/Handyperson. This position would include free housing in Moonlight Cabin and $2300/month through mid-May 2022, with the possibility of continuing into the summer. Must be very handy! **


As SCF transitions into an arts non-profit, we are hiring our first paid resident staff: Caretaker-Host(s). Either a single full-time position or two part-time positions. Includes free housing - live in Moonlight Cabin with Carpenter Cabin and/or Hawk Cabin for a studio/study - and around $42k/year salary. Be ready to move in and start as soon as possible, ideally before November 7th. This might be a rotating annual position. 


Applicants must be handy, and have lived and/or professional experiences with caretaking, hosting, or even homesteading in a rural setting. The position(s) would involve daily operations of the entire property, including 10 cabins on 33 acres with streams of power, water, waste, internet, humanure, compost, etc. to oversee. It’s like running a small village. 

Taking Care is at the heart of the Salmon Creek Farm ethos. How to leave something better than you found it, whether it’s a room for the next guest, or the land for the next generation. Also resourcefulness, how to do the most with the least. This role requires down and dirty daily action on the ground, but also a philosophical approach to the thoughtful custodianship of the land and caring for community. Which also means being vaccinated.


Know how to…

Arrange flowers & pillows

Blaze a trail

Build with wood, esp. scraps

Chop wood

Clean, clean, clean

Construct a woodpile

Create a cute arrangement

Do laundry

Dig a trench

Handle humanure

Get up early

Give a tour

Ferment apple juice

Fix a leaky pipe

Maintain tools

Make a bed

Make a fire

Mop a floor

Operate a table saw

Organize a toolshed

Plant a tree

Pour a footing


Rake duff

Repair a fence latch

Stack bowls

Tend compost

Troubleshoot internet 

Use a chainsaw

Wire a light fixture

…or be willing to take the time to figure it out!


“In 2014 I bought Salmon Creek Farm from 13 of the remaining shareholders of the original commune established in 1971. I suspended my personal art practice, stopped traveling, and paused all other activities to pour all of my time, energy, resources, and love into reviving this place. After seven years of hosting an evolving community, tending woods, repairing cabins, furnishing interiors, cleaning them again and again, building common spaces, cultivating gardens, planting trees, creating compost, doing laundry, and maintaining it all through the days and seasons along with friends who come and go, I’m ready for a steady hand to take over from me. I’ll continue to administrate, facilitate, and do whatever else I can while returning to writing and art-making, living here half the year, but need just the right person(s) to step into my work boots and put on my hosting hat.” - Fritz


Email retreats(at)salmoncreekfarm(dot)org with…

…a brief letter describing your interest in SCF and the position in particular.

…resumè, relevant experience, helpful links, and three references with contact info.


Hot tip: If you are not totally familiar with Salmon Creek Farm, please do some research before applying. A few important links can be found at the bottom of our home page.